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jeudi 17 septembre 2015

Bape X Puma Disc Blaze

YEEZY Season 2

sympa l'invitation
ça me donne envie d'un tee rothco

adidas Mounfield SPZL

"The Mounfield Spezial is a new creation from Gary Apsden and Mike Chetcuti’s adidas Spezial range. With waterproof leather uppers and a chunky sole, they’re like a cross between the old adidas Super Trekking boots and a running shoe. And if you’re wondering about the name, it’s a nod of the cap to Gary ‘Mani’ Mounfield, a man who could quite often be seen wearing adidas outdooor shoes in the 90s."

If only i could, i would buy the whole release

Find them here !!!SNKS

lundi 14 septembre 2015


Still a huge thanks to Hikmet for the first picture of the 575
The beginning of our "secret Solebox" mails ;)
These pictures were at first reserve for the folks on

I'm sure i haven't seen all the samples (i still don't own one ah ah)

The 575 sample for Owin are still my favorite !!
"he shoes were part of The Great Outdoors (Beinghunted x Solebox).
it is nice to see some cool pics of the shoes a year later. but it is an old release.
the one of one sample was a gift from me to s.h. owin he is a member here too. the clue on this one:
one side is east german army camo and on the other side it is west german army camo. so east and west on one shoe.
hope this clears things up.
(the reason for the not matching sole unit...there was no other at the sample stage we took this to make a decision first for the upper)"

There are here some stolen pics
sorry for that guys
but when i see a new NB X Solebox sample i can't resist !!

Nike Lunar Force 1 SP x Acronym