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mercredi 7 septembre 2011

Inventory Item 010: Yuketen Maine Guide Shoe

The Maine Guide Shoe was originally launched at Inventory last fall with our first collaboration with Yuketen. This fall we have done a fresh version of the Maine Guide Shoe, in an interesting make up. Using a unique contrast of khaki suede, natural welt and a black sole, the shoe feels especially refreshing and offers a completely new feel and look in our custom make up. Along with our choices of materials and color, we also had the heel pull removed from the MGS, only done for Inventory.
• Custom Maine Guide Shoe design
• FO Khaki Suede Leather
• Yuketen for Inventory Items heel stamp
• Custom natural HBT shoe bag & leather hang tag
• Black Vibram Christy sole
• 30 pairs made

I love the inventory selection
each collaboration goes in the right way
Just the little touch that makes the thing different and desirable


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