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jeudi 8 décembre 2011

No mountains & pretty little things

From Sir NBP
I love his work

I'm really really happy to present you my first personal booklet: "No mountains & pretty little things", it took me a while to make this happen and it was on my mind everyday those last months. It's a selection of photos mostly unshared, it was really hard to choose as I'm always unsatisfied of my work but I was helped to stop thinking over and over and here we are! I really hope you'll enjoy it and support my work, I tried to provide something with quality and love. So if you want to get one of those limited booklet delivered to you (12euros), please go to this link : , or contact me if you want to get one without shipping (10euros), in Paris and take a hot chocolate. Thanks to Starcow for making this print possible, and to Violaine for the art direction !

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