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vendredi 28 septembre 2012

Edwin / Oi Polloi 10th Anniversary ED-49 (Dry Organic 14.5oz Green Selvage Denim)

Un Ovni est passé !
Sold out mais j'aime bien l'esprit de cette boutique !
The Edwin Oi Polloi 10th Anniversary ED49 Jeans — hold onto those turn ups, salvage that selvedge and unbutton those flies… ‘cause the Edwin x Oi Polloi jeans are in town. Merging two of our favourite Edwin styles, they’ve got the reliable chassis of the ED49 with the pocket detail of the Nashville. The denim itself is none other than deadstock, green selvage denim from that Shangri-la of Serge de Nîmes, Cone Mills. Based in North Carolina, Cone Mills have been supplying denim since 1910, and there’s little they don’t know about the finer points of the blue stuff. To top it all off, there’s a one-off leather patch on the back complete with the obligatory Oi Polloi magpies.
Only 100 pairs of these exist, so don’t hang about if you’re after a pair.

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